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About Us

Titus Driving School Alexandria, Virginia

About Titus' Driving School

We are Certified & Professional

Our school is committed in molding better, safer and law abiding drivers. We give emphasis on the importance of driver safety in order to make our roads and highways safer for all road users.

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Not only do we pride ourselves in our ability to guide you to succeed in Road Test,but moreover, we take the greatest satisfaction from knowing that Graduates from Best One Driving School are amongst the best safe drivers, with many of them now enrolling their teens and other family members, and also referring Titus Driving School to others. We aim to provide you with the most professional, high quality and straightforward service available within the driver training industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach you the most advanced driving techniques as well as defensive skills to Enable you to learn easily and become a safe driver for life. In addition, the skills and good habits Acquired with us exceed the requirements of the driving test. You will drive from residential areas, to the freeway, to heavy traffic zones in order to challenge and Maximize your awareness, confidence and skills behind-the-wheel. Patience and encouragement from our professional instructors help ease the student’s tension And enhances the individual’s comfort level, assimilation and driving performance.

Cost of Our Driving Courses


Value for your money with quality training

The following are my prices for Behind-The-Wheel lessons.
1. Teens B.T.W private lessons (one on one) is $450 for 10hrs.
2. Teens 14 period 7 days B.T.W program is $350 per student.
3. Adults private (one on one) 10 hrs lessons is $500.
4. Adults 7 days waiver program (B.T. W) only is $425 per student.
5. Re-examination B.T.W 7 days program is $400.

Professional Driving School located in Alexandria, Virginia

Why Choose Us Titus' Driving School

Behind the wheel Training

Behind the wheel training is one of the most crucial steps in receiving your license. This is when you will get experience driving in real life situations, putting everything we taught you to use. As a crucial step in the learning process, we pay special attention to behind the wheel training.

Driving Courses in Alexandria, Virginia

Behind The Wheel

Driving Courses in Alexandria, Virginia

Affordable Fee

Driving Courses in Alexandria, Virginia

Best Trainers

Driving Courses in Alexandria, Virginia

Free pick-up and drop-off

Driving Courses in Alexandria, Virginia

Private one-on-one lessons

Driving Courses in Alexandria, Virginia

Dual-Control Car

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